Pho Hoa Expands to New Markets: Taiwan

SACRAMENTO, CA - Pho Hoa Noodle Soup, the leader in the Vietnamese Food, Fast Casual industry is currently experiencing dynamic growth. Pho Hoa's commitment to domestic and international growth has continued to reap benefits. The brand is pleased to announce its partnership with a Master Licensee for Taiwan. Pho Hoa currently has an international presence in the US, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. Other target markets include the MidWest, East Coast, Europe and Mexico. 


Established in 1983 in the United States, Pho Hoa is a  proud pioneer of delivering pho noodle soup to various markets worldwide. They are well positioned for today's business environment with the Fast Casual concept leading the restaurant industry growth over the last decade and Asian Food restaurants leading the industry growth worldwide. The organization has laid the groundworks for franchise expansion with simple operation and healthy menu offerings that serve delicious, quality food at affordable prices. Each of the new outlets will hold true to the rich traditions that have won a huge following for the business over the years. 


With the signing of the Master License, Pho Hoa has positioned itself on the franchising fast track. The Taiwan Master Licensees plan on opening 24 locations within ten years, strategically placed in major cities along the west coast of Taiwan. Their plans for expansion include development in Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung. "We recognized the growing popularity of Vietnamese cuisines, especially pho noodle soup, and decided that now is the best time to enter the market. Taiwanese people have long enjoyed international brands and we believe Pho Hoa is the perfect partnership for our success," says CEO of Taiwan Master Licensee, Jean Tsai. 


Although the company continues to operate under the same principles that have led to their success for the last 30 years, the process for creating a superior product continues to develop. "Pho Hoa has significantly simplified and streamlined our operation to pave the way for rapid and long term expansion," said Quoc Phan, President of Pho Hoa. From site selection to your Grand Opening and further, Pho Hoa assists in each step of the process to make it simple for you to own your own Pho Hoa franchise. To learn more about Pho Hoa and franchising opportunities, go to 


About Pho Hoa

Founded in 1983, Pho Hoa now operates in 7 countries internationally, and continues to offer delicious and healthy pho noodle soup at an affordable price. The company has revolutionized the way that pho is made, by using only quality meats to produce a savory and healthy product. As the largest Vietnamese Fast-Casual dining chain in the world quality and consistency remain the company's top priorities and have been the driving force behind their success as a franchise.